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Kauppi TrailRun is a trail running event in Kauppi, located only 3 km from the city center of Tampere.

Event center:

Kaupin pesäpallostadion (a Finnish baseball stadium) in Tampere, Finland


Sunday August 14th at 10.30


Men 20 km (Miehet kilpa)

Women 20 km (Naiset kilpa)

Men 10 km (Miehet kilpa)

Women 10 km (Naiset kilpa)

Recreational 10 km (Kunto)

Boys under 16 years 10 km (Pojat alle 16-v, born 2006 and later)

Tytöt alle 16-v 10 km (Tytöt alle 16-v, born 2006 and later))

Team competition with 3-5 participants in the 10 km classes (10 km kilpa)


Participation fees

10 km  25 €
20 km 30 €

Juniors under 16-years-of-age (born 2006 and later) 15€

Team competition in the 10 km race (3-5 participants) 20 €/ participant.


Prizes: In competition classes (”20 km kilpa” and ”10 km kilpa”) and in the junior classes the three best runners will get prizes. All team members in the winning team will also get prizes. A prize draw for a pair of VJ-sport trailrunning shoes is being run among all participants.

Showers and toilets: There are showers, dressing rooms and toilets in the event center.

Bag guarding: You may leave your equipment/bag for free in a guarded place during the event.


Parking: Parking is possible for free in the nearby Tampereen jousiampujien kenttä (Archery club’s area). Also there is free parking at ”Kaupinojan uimaranta” parking place. FinnPark P-Kauppi is 600m away from the event center.

Rules for the team competition: In the team competition the three best results for team members are counted together either from the men’s or women’s (or both) 10 km ”kilpa” classes. Competitors in the team competition are automatically also participating in the individual classes (men or women 10 km). The team which have the lowest sum of placings wins. If two teams have the same sum the team with the best individual place wins. If the best places are same then the next best place is decisive. If all the individual places for the team members are the same is the team with more participants the winner (four or five participants). If the amount of team participants are the same is the winner decided by drawing.

More info:

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phone: 0408332169

Organizer: Tampereen Pyrintö’s elite orienteers